Dear Grade 11 L&L students,

Welcome to Year 1 of IB English Language and Literature! I am excited to explore this new IB English course with you.

Having been trained in both new English courses as well as having served as an examiner for Paper 2 (HL Literature) exams (May 2011 and 2012), I am very confident in my ability to help you not only achieve success in the Group 1 English component of the Diploma Program but also to develop your confidence and creativity in oral and written expression.

This web site is an online reference of important information for our English class as well as a place to share ideas in an online Journal.

Here’s to an enjoyable and productive year!

Donna Spisso

IB English Language and Literature instructor

Habitat for Humanity sponsor

[email protected]


MY SCHEDULE 2012-2013

A: Year 2 English Literature (gr. 12)

B: Year 2 TOK (gr. 12)

C: Year 1 English Literature (gr. 11)

D: Year 2 English Literature (gr. 12)

E: Year 1 English Language and Literature (gr. 11)